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Cookie cutter

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cake of wafers

It is necessary:

one pack of wafers,
250 g sour cream,
200 g cheese,
100 g ham,
3 boiled eggs,
100 g cheese,
200 g of braised mushrooms,
one sachet of mayonnaise,
100 g of peanuts.


Whisk sour cream with melted cheese and coat smooth sides of four wafers with that mass.
Leave a part of the filling for the last fifth corps.
The first wafer overlay by braised mushrooms seasoned with pepper, oregano and parsley.
Cover the second layer, over it put grated ​​hard-boiled eggs then cover by the third crust and sprinkle with grated cheese.
Put over the fourth and sprinkle wafer with grated ham.
All cover the fifth wafer that has not been buttered.
Cover a large cake tray and put some heavier subject to the leaves better wafers blindness.
The entire cake before serving coat with the rest of the cheese filling and sprinkle with coarse minced peanuts.
Decorate with slices of pickle, mayonnaise, olives and cut into pieces the width of two fingers.

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