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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cake with Orange

This chocolate orange cake recipe I own since I was a little girl. I was preparing this cake very often. It is juicy, refreshing a real summer cake recipe.

For this chocolate orange cake is needed:

Cake with orange, orange cake

4 eggs,
24 tablespoons of sugar,
24 tablespoons of oil,
24 tablespoons milk
24 tablespoons of flour,
2 bags of baking powder,

For filling is needed:

2 vanilla pudding,
Cake with orange, orange cake500 ml of water,
200 g of sugar,
a frozen orange,
3 tablespoons rose hip jam,
125 g margarine.

For the glaze is needed:

100 g of chocolate,
little margarine.


Cake with orange, orange cakeBark:

Whisk 2 eggs and 12 tablespoons sugar.
Add 12 tablespoons of milk, 12 tablespoons of oil and 12 tablespoons of flour mixed with baking powder.
Bake the mixture in baking pan sprinkled with flour until golden brown.
Of the remaining material, bake another crust.
When the crust cooled, crumble it and another one leave in the baking pan.


Grate frozen orange.
From 500 ml of water, take away a small amount and mix pudding powder.
In the remaining water, pour the sugar and grated orange and boil.
Pour the dissolved pudding powder in boiling water and cook.
When the filling has cooled, add the jam, mixed margarine and crumbled crust.
All mix well.
Make glaze - over low heat melt the chocolate and add margarine.
Pour filling over crust than pour chocolate glaze.
Decorate with whipped cream.


  1. I think you do not mean 2 bags of baking powder...perhaps two teaspoons?

    I love orange flavor. This looks very good!!

    1. Hi Katy!
      Thank you for notice.
      It is 2 bags but one bag is 10 g (it is packed in small bags).
      Two teaspoons is OK, too.
      In the future, I will try to write this more clearly to avoid any confusion.
      Best regards!



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