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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Proja, corn bread recipe

Corn bread, proja
Corn bread, proja
Proja or corn bread is widely popular in the Balkans but in a slightly modified form is present and beyond. In the main, every corn bread is corn flour that can be combined with other types of flour. Also, I like to add sesame seeds and cumin, in large quantities. Mainly I bake corn bread in a pan and sometimes in mold for muffins. For me, a little nicer visual impression leaves corn bread baked in molds rather than cut a piece of corn bread. Various kinds of corn bread recipes, you can expect in the near future.

Corn bread, projaCorn bread, proja
For this proja is needed:

3 eggs,
200 ml of sour milk,
100 ml oil
200 g corn flour
100 g feta cheese
2 tablespoons flour,
one bag of baking powder
flax seeds.


Whisk the eggs and then add the sour cream, oil, crumbled cheese, a teaspoon of salt, both types of flour and baking powder. Place in a greased pan No: 28 Sprinkle with sesame seeds and flax seeds. Bake at 200 ⁰ C in the preheated oven.

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