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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ceten Cake

For ceten cake is needed:

Ceten cake500 g of sugar,
250 g of margarine,
200 g of chocolate,
250 g ground walnuts,
250 g ground biscuits,
300 g ceten alve,
20 tablespoons of water,
little ground walnuts for sprinkling.

Prepare ceten cake in following manner:

Ceten cakeIn a saucepan melt 500 g sugar and 20 tablespoons of water.
When it boils, add the margarine 250 g and 100 g of chocolate.
When the mass is homogeneous, away from heat and add the ground walnuts 250 g and 250 g of ground biscuits and mix.
When the blend, pour into a greased square baking pan.

Plane from above 300 g ceten alve and pour glaze of 100 g chocolate and sprinkled with ground walnuts.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake
For this lemon cake is needed:

The crust:

100 g of margarine,
100 g of sugar,
2 eggs,
300 g of flour,
1 baking powder,
grated peel of half a lemon.

The stuffing:

800 ml of milk,
2 vanilla pudding,
200 g of powdered sugar,
1 margarine (250 g),
grated peel of half a lemon.

Prepare lemon cake as follows:

Whisk the butter, add sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder and grated rind of lemon half.
Knead smooth dough, divide into three parts and each part bake separately on the greased back of the baking pan (No. 28).
Meanwhile, cook the pudding as directed in 800 ml of milk.
Allow to cool.
In particular, whisk butter with powdered sugar, add grated lemon peel, unite with the cold pudding and whisk.
Fill crust with this stuffing and garnish as desired.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lasagna with bechamel sauce and cheese

For this lasagna with bechamel sauce and cheese is needed:
500 g noodles lace,
600 g minced meat,
120 g of cheese,
1 l of milk,
100 g butter,
2 egg yolks,
spice mixture of vegetables,
150 ml sour cream,
5 tablespoons flour
black pepper,

Prepare lasagna with bechamel sauce and cheese as follows:

Bolognese sauce: in a little oil, lightly brown the meat, adding water until the meat is tender.
Add ketchup, spices mixture of vegetables, oregano and pepper and mix well.
Bechamel sauce: melt butter, add 5 tablespoons of flour and fry briefly.
Gradually add milk and stir until the sauce thickens.
Remove the top and add the mustard, egg yolks and blend of spices and vegetables.
Cook the noodles in salted water and drain.
In an oiled ovenproof dish, place the row of noodles, applied over the Bolognese sauce, bechamel sauce and a little grated cheese.
The same procedure is repeated until all the material is spent.
The last layer, pour over the bechamel sauce over the beaten sour cream and sprinkle with grated cheese.
Bake in preheated oven at 200 ⁰ C until golden brown.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Easy Banana Cake

Banana cakes are among the most popular fruit cakes in all collections of recipes on the Internet as well as recipes in magazines and the popular "Cookbooks". Often, these cakes are easy to prepare and very tasty. Me and my family members love them very much. This is one of the many recipes that I will publish (I hope) where bananas are an important part.

For Easy Banana Cake is needed:

Easy Banana CakeFor the dough:

6 eggs,
150 g of sugar,
tablespoon cocoa
150 g of flour,
Easy Banana Cake 1 sachet of baking powder.

For the filling:

4 tablespoons of rose hip jam (may be some other jam or jelly)
6 bananas,
100 g dark chocolate,
600 ml of milk,
6 tablespoons flour
300 g of powdered sugar,
250 g of margarine,
vanilla sugar,
juice of half a lemon.

Prepare banana cake as follows:

For the dough whisk egg whites with sugar until mixture becomes fluffy and add egg yolks, flour, baking powder and cocoa.
Pour dough into greased baking pan. 
Furnaces in the oven at 180 ⁰ C, for 30 minutes.
After baking, while the dough is still warm, spread the jam and leave it to cool.
Bananas cut and sort through the crust.
Squeeze the lemon over the bananas.
For the cream boil milk with the flour until it thickens.
Add margarine beaten with powdered sugar and vanilla sugar and mix everything well.
Cream apply over bananas, top coated with a chocolate glaze and leave to cool.


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