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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pizza Muffins

This is a type of corn bread recipe, just baked in molds. Some pizza ingredients are added too.

For pizza muffins is needed:

4 eggs,
200 g corn flour
200 g wheat flour
200 ml oil
200 ml of sour milk or yogurt,
1 baking powder,
200 g ham,
100 g cheese,
50 g feta cheese
3 gherkins (pickles),
sesame and
flax seeds for sprinkling.

Prepare pizza muffins as follows:

Chop ham and the pickles, cheese grate in big chunks and feta cheese crumble.  

Combine both types of flour and baking powder then add a ham, cucumbers, both kinds of cheese and a little oregano.  
Especially whisk eggs than sour milk (yogurt) and add half a teaspoon of salt.  
Mix with eggs add to the mixture with the flour than mix well.  
Pour mixture into molds for muffins, pre-anointed with oil. Muffins sprinkle with sesame than flax seeds.  
Bake at 200 C for 30 minutes.

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