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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chocolate Muffins

Muffins are very  interesting cakes to me. I like to add different kinds of things in it, like jam, different creams, fruits, and as in this homemade chocolate muffins, chocolate. Maybe unusual but very tasty is combination of chocolate and jam. You can put them inside or poor over muffins. In this case, I sprinkled sesame seeds over and put chocolate inside of muffins.

For this homemade chocolate muffins is needed:
Chocolate muffinsHomemade chocolate muffins 
2 eggs,
2 tablespoons sugar
cup (200 ml) oil
250 g flour
1 pack of baking powder,
200 ml milk
200 g chocolate


Whisk eggs with sugar, add oil, milk, flour and baking powder.  
Pour mixture into greased molds.  
In the middle of the dough to put on two or three pieces of chocolate into each mold individually.
From above, sprinkled with sesame seeds. 
Bake at 200 C until golden.Chocolate muffins

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