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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Marzipan Cake

Marzipan Cake
Marzipan CakeFor Marzipan Cake is needed:

250 g of milk powder,
250 g of ground biscuits,
250 g ground walnuts,
250 g of margarine,
100 to 150 g of chocolate,
600 g of sugar,
200 ml of water.

Prepare Marzipan Cake as follows:

Good mix milk powder, biscuits and nuts.
Boil sugar with a glass of water.
When it boils, add the margarine.
When the butter has melted, remove from heat.
Add the above mixture (milk, cookies and nuts), stir and migrate to pre-greased square baking pan.
For glaze, melt chocolate with a little water and pour over cake.
Cut each cake when cooled.

Marzipan Cake


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    1. Than you Syed!
      I am glad that you like my recipes.
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