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Monday, August 6, 2012

10 Refreshing Summer Recipes

Here are 10 easy recipes that everyone will come in handy as a refreshment during the hot summer days.

The largest number of recipes is for refreshing fruit cakes than salads and then some other dishes that are not readily classified into a particular group but seem refreshing.
Tarator, delicious, refreshing salad and very easy to prepare. The most I like in combination with moussaka, fries ...
Tarator salad
Blackberry Cake requires a little more time compared to the salad, but I think it is worth it. Juicy crust, delicious and unusual fruit filling, making this cake in the group of refreshing summer recipes.
Blackberry Cake
Pineapple Cake is the least easy of the offered recipes in this collection. In this fruit cake goes about 0.5 kg of pineapple and a few bananas.
Pineapple Cake
Refreshing fruit cake with oranges, sometimes called Jaffa cake. In addition to oranges, in this cake goes a little chocolate and jam.
Orange jaffa cake
Banana cakes have always been popular and challenging. In this Banana Cake, bananas are combined with chocolate, jam and a delicious homemade filling.
Banana Cake
Another Blackberry cake, and perhaps more attractive than the previous one. That is one of the most popular recipes in my collection.
Blackberry Cake
Easy Pancakes Filling, which may be prepared by each. If you like the combination of sour cream and strawberry preserve, for example, this is a recipe for you.
Easy Pancakes Filling
Pelte is refreshing fruit dessert, popular in some parts of the Balkan Peninsula.
Very easy Fruit Yogurt. Another unusual combination of yogurt with bananas and strawberry preserve.
Fruit Yogurt

The recipe for a Peanut Salad with green apple into, and which you should use cold is another refreshing, summer recipe for a recommendation.

Peanut Salad

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