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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Caramel Cubes

Caramel cubes


3 eggs,

250 g sugar

250 g margarine,

Caramel Cubes200 g of caramel (hazelnut candy),
Caramel cubes
300 g ground biscuits,

50 g ground hazelnuts (nuts)

100 g chocolate.


Mixer whisk eggs and sugar and cook by steaming under continuous stirring.

Caramel cubesWhen the cream is cooked (thick), add margarine and stir until margarine is melted.

Remove from heat.

In another bowl, melt caramels with 2-3 tbsp of milk.

Add the melted caramel to previous mass and mix well.

Add ground biscuits and a little hazelnut and mix thoroughly.

Pour into greased square baking pan.

From above pour chocolate glaze and sprinkle with minced hazelnuts (nuts).

Put in the fridge.

When cool cut into a cubes.

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