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Cookie cutter

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Recipes

Dear visitors,

it's been almost a year since I published the first recipe on this blog.

During the year, there was beautiful and interesting recipes, but also those of others.

Thank you for your visits, comments, criticisms.

All this influenced the changes in appearance and design of blog and the recipes that I publish. 

In general, I think that it contributed positively to the quality of the Easy Recipes.

I hope that we will continue to socialize and to enjoy good food and easy recipes in the 2012th.

On the end, in order to help you in selection, I have prepared a list of recipes for the New Year. 

With a list of New Year's recipes for cakes, cookies, salads, breads, pies... I wish you a happy New Year, good luck, good health and success in it.


 Nut Cake

Nut Cake
  The most visited recipe of the year. Great cake.

Tart (Blackberry Cake)

Tart (Blackberry Cake)
The most commented recipe of the year.

New Year's Bread

New Year's Bread
The newest recipe. 

Chicken Peanut Salad

Chicken Peanut Salad
New Year salad...

Leave a comment as I always appreciate your feedback.

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