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Friday, December 19, 2014

Unbaked Jaffa Cake with Biscuit Crumbs and Ladyfingers

Unbaked cake with jaffa biscuits
Unbaked cake with ladyfingersFor this Jaffa cake is needed:

For the crust I:

500 g of ground biscuits,
200 g of powdered sugar,
350 g margarine,
300 ml of orange juice.

For the crust II:

300 g Jaffa Cakes,
orange juice.

For the crust III:

200 g of ladyfingers,
orange juice.

For the filling:

1 liter of milk,
150 g of sugar,
3 vanilla puddings,
125 g margarine,
100 g of cream,
10 cream bananas.


Jaffa cakeAdobe jaffa cake with ladyfingersJaffa unbaked cake prepared in the following manner:

In a bowl whisk 350g butter with powdered sugar.

Add ground biscuits and orange juice to be obtained homogeneous.
In 1 liter of milk boil 150 g of sugar and 3 vanilla puddings but leave to cool.

Especially whisk 125 g butter and 10 g of cream so unite with chilled pudding.

Cake fill in the following order: crust, filling, Jaffa Cakes soaked in orange juice,
ladyfingers soaked in orange juice, cream, cream bananas, whipped cream.

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