Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ham Pie with Sour Milk

Sponge ham pie with sour milk
Ham pie with cheeseFor this ham pie with sour milk is needed:

500 g of bark,
400 ml of sour milk,
200 ml of yogurt,
100 g grated cheese,
200 ml oil
100 g ham (grated or cut into small pieces)
5 eggs
15 g baking powder,
a pinch of salt.

Prepare this ham pie as follows:

In a bowl combine sour milk, yogurt, oil, baking powder and eggs.
Add salt to taste and whisk.

Separate 8 tablespoons of the prepared filling and leave to one side.
Separate 4 barks and set aside and the remaining barks tear into small pieces. 

Cheese pie with sour milk and hamIn the mixture of sour milk, add chopped barks, grated cheese and ham and stir gently.
Appropriate pan grease with oil and lay two separated pie crusts in it.
Pour over prepared filling then top with the remaining barks.
Upper crust coat with filling isolated from sour milk.
Bake pie
in preheated oven at 200 C until golden brown.

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