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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tiramisu without eggs

Tiramisu is an easy cake that comes from Italy. It is usually made ​​with layers of sponge fingers dipped in coffee and fillings that consist of sweetened mixture of eggs, cheese and cream with the addition of a few tablespoons of rum. Tiramisu without eggs, I would say, is less popular version of this cake recipe. Otherwise, there are numerous variations for tiramisu recipe and I now give a version of this recipe with chocolate and without eggs and alcohol.
Tiramisu without eggs
Chocolate tiramisu recipe

Chocolate tiramisu recipeFor tiramisu without eggs is needed:

300 g lady fingers,
300 mascrapone cheese
300 g cream,
4 tablespoons of sugar,
200 ml of unsweetened coffee,
100 g chocolate.

Tiramisu prepare in the following manner:

In a bowl whisk cream foam.
With constant mixing, gradually add sugar until dissolved.
In another bowl, whisk mascrapone and unite with the previous whipping cream.
Rile until a homogeneous mixture obtained.
Divide the mixture into two parts.
In one part add 50 g of chocolate.
On a plate sort lady fingers soaked in coffee and cover with a white filling.
Again put first lady fingers soaked in coffee and coat with brown filling.
So again, sort-soaked lady fingers and spread a white filling and finally align with coffee soaked lady fingers and spread brown filling.
Decorate with melted chocolate and put in the fridge to cool down.



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