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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Year's Caesar Salad with turkey

New Year's Caesar salad
Caesar Salad with turkeyFor New Year's Caesar salad is needed:

300 g of white turkey meat,
300 g feta cheese,
100 g yellow cheese,
1 head of lettuce,
400 g of sour cream,
juice of half a lemon,
little grapefruit juice,
black pepper;

New Year's Caesar salad was prepared in the following manner:

Turkey cut into cubes and saute in a little oil.
Lettuce cut into strips.
Grate cheese and feta cheese.
Mix all ingredients.
Previous mass add oregano, black pepper, parsley and a little salt.
In a separate bowl mix together sour cream, lemon juice and half a bit of grapefruit juice.
All combine and garnish as desired.

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