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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great Careers for People Who Love Food

For many, food is a passion that borders on religion – a delight to be savored and a joy to delight in. The type of passion that you generally see with people that love food is rarely seen in most other types of interests. This devotion, passion, and inspiration is often enough to drive people toward a career involving food in some way. The only real hurdle that people face when they want their love of food to translate into a viable career is a lack of direction. After all, it can be very difficult to get a good idea of what opportunities are out there for people that are simply in love with food.
Thankfully, there are quite a few different resources out there for people that want to turn their love of food into a career. These resources are sometimes broad in nature and sometimes more specialized. No matter what specific area of food you're interested in working within, it's important to take a look at both types of resources to get a better idea of where you fit in.


A nutritionist is a very important person in the lives of many people. The atrocious state of health in this country these days has led to an explosion in the number of lifestyle-based health problems faced by average people. Many people simply don't understand what a healthy meal is these days. As a nutritionist, you'd be helping people get a better grip on their eating habits so that they're dining better without having to sacrifice flavor or fun. You could also help them find easy recipes that are also healthy.  To learn more about work in the field of nutrition and the qualifications needed to be a nutritionist, check out this site about degrees in nutrition.

Food Critic

A food critic is a usually a respected member of the culinary community. They give chefs an opportunity to be recognized for their work and a good critic can be a major benefactor to any restaurant. To be a food critic, you need to have a number of different skills beyond a love of food. You need to be highly objective and willing to try new things. You also have to be an excellent writer with a firm grasp on language. After all, people will be reading your reviews expecting them to be done by a professional. You should also have a solid understanding of the craft of cooking so that you can render a more educated verdict on the foods that you are critiquing.


Very simply, chefs are the rock stars of the food world. As a chef, you would be tasked with a number of unique requirements that would constantly be challenging you at every turn. Chefs are generally in charge of creating the menu at a restaurant and making sure that food is prepared to an impeccable standard. You will create both difficult and easy recipes. Becoming a chef will require you to go through years of training to learn the finer points of food and various cooking techniques.

Find Your Calling

The truth is that there are quite a few different things that you can make a living at in the food world. Even if you are just interested in becoming a waitress at a restaurant, there are more than enough opportunities out there for you to accomplish that. In the end, the most important thing is that you take time to figure out exactly where your skills and passions fit into the world of food.

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