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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ceten Cake

For ceten cake is needed:

Ceten cake500 g of sugar,
250 g of margarine,
200 g of chocolate,
250 g ground walnuts,
250 g ground biscuits,
300 g ceten alve,
20 tablespoons of water,
little ground walnuts for sprinkling.

Prepare ceten cake in following manner:

Ceten cakeIn a saucepan melt 500 g sugar and 20 tablespoons of water.
When it boils, add the margarine 250 g and 100 g of chocolate.
When the mass is homogeneous, away from heat and add the ground walnuts 250 g and 250 g of ground biscuits and mix.
When the blend, pour into a greased square baking pan.

Plane from above 300 g ceten alve and pour glaze of 100 g chocolate and sprinkled with ground walnuts.

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